FRACS Part II Examination



The curriculum in general surgical training details the knowledge and experience that you are expected to gain during your four years of training. It has been broken down into 14 modules.

You should download and review the curriculum from the RACS website. Each document contains details of the module's rationale and competencies, the appropriate anatomy and physiology, suggested reading, learning opportunities and methods, and finally how the unit will be assessed.

You will also find details of specific disease processes that you are expected to be familiar with. For each disease process you will find details of pathology/pathophysiology, clinical assessment, investigations, principles of management and operative management competencies.

The modules are :
1. Abdominal wall and retroperitoneum (including urogenital)
2. Breast
3. Colorectal
4. Communication
5. Emergency (excluding trauma)
6. Endocrine
7. Head and neck
8. Professionalism and ethics
9. Sepsis and the critically ill patient
10. Skin and soft tissue
11. Small bowel
12. Trauma
13. Upper GI/HPB
14. Vascular surgery

Written Exam

Oral Exam

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