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Dr Dave Pescod Interplast Image Gallery #2

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CT scan showing hydatid disease of the liver.

Major congenital facial cleft abnormality.

Lower limb burn injury.

Wearing highly flammable wrap-around clothing occasionally results in devastating head and neck burns. This problem is unfortunately common where open fires are used for cooking and heating.

Digital loss of index and thumb from electrical burn injury. Loss of a thumb is functionally equivalent to loss of all the other four digits. The reconstruction used here is a transposition of the index ray over to to make a thumb as an opposable digit.

A locally advanced SCC of the dorsum of the hand. This lesion will require amputation for local control.

This is a congenital 'bathing trunk naevus'. The recently appearing lump in its centre is almost certainly a malignant melanoma. Malignant degeneration in these large naevii is common and the prognosis is often sadly very bad.

This man presented with a tumour of the oral cavity. This was a malignant neoplasm and required this extensive resection. The resulting reconstruction is shown.

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