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Dr Dave Pescod Interplast Image Gallery #1

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Hypoplasia of the radius

A large burn over the medial malleolus that has become a chronic, non-healing wound.

Machete wound over the right zygoma (the scar is just visible in the image) causing a facial nerve palsy. The palsy is noted as the eye turns upward and the lid does not close on the affected side.

This was a particularly brutal machete attack. Note the tissue loss of the dorsal nose and the exposed underlying nasal septum.

This was an electrical burn. Note the tissue loss on the distal upper limbs and the full thickness skin loss on the chest.

Note the multiple prior excisions. This man has chronic arsenic poisoning with resultant multiple skin SCC's.

Cleft palate and partial cleft lip.

Neck burn contractures from childhood burn injury. This resulted from the "pull boiling pot from stove injury"

Large disfiguring haemangioma of the tongue, floor of mouth, and lower lip. Note that the child is still well nourished and hydrated indicating reasonable oral intake is still possible. Communication must be impaired.

Chronic pretibial skin loss with granulation tissue and exposed tibia.

Upper limb burn contracture

Large burn contracture

Contractures from childhood burns

This lady has a large left sided parotid tumour, it has not caused any facial nerve involvement.

Here a small child has pushed a paper clip into his nose. The foreign body has become lodged there causing blockage and a discharging sinus from the lacrimal sinus.

An arteriovenous malformation causing great deformity of the involved hand.

A 'rodent ulcer'. A large BCC of the face.

A large benign tumour of the upper lip.

Machete wound to the palmar aspect of the hand. Notice the posture of the index and little fingers, both of the long flexors (superficialis and profundus) to each of these fingers have been divided.

SCC of the lip mucosa

A significant untreated talipes equinovarus.

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