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Bone Instruments

Bone cutters

Available in different sizes and with a single or double action these are designed to cut sharply through small bones such as phalanges.

Bone nibblers

Used to sharply cut small pieces out of a bone they are also available in different sizes.

Peri-osteal elevator

Designed to scrape the tough periosteum off bone prior to cutting bone there are various types of periosteal elevator.

Gigli saw

A braided wire with two detachable handles this is used primarily during amputations to cut through long bones.


Used with an osteotome to cut and shape bone or during orthopaedic surgery to position prostheses.


Designed to file bone smooth and remove sharp burrs on bone ends particularly during amputations.


Used for manipulating steel wires such as K-wires (Kirschner wires).