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Anal Retractors

Anal retractors and specula are designed to allow inspection of the anal canal and lower rectum. Whether hand held or self retaining they are valuable for different uses and allow surgical procedures to be carried out with adequate exposure of the area. Anal retractors should always be well lubricated prior to insertion and used with care to avoid damage to the anal sphincter.


Also known as an Eisenhammer this traditional anal speculum has removable retractor blades available in different lengths. A third blade may be added to improve retraction and visibility. Retraction is maintained by a ratchet.


This bivalve retractor is held open when required by a screw adjacent to the hinge.


Also known as an "half-moon" retractor this allows inspection of half the circumference of the anal canal without applying tension to the area. Available in different sizes..


Excellent for performing haemorrhoidectomy this retractor allows a single haemorrhoidal cushion to prolapse into the lumen.

Lone Starr




Disposable anoscope