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ERCP Image Library

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the ampulla

an abnormal ampulla

the ampulla between two duodenal diverticulae

tumour infiltrating the duodenal wall

tumour now stented

a stone has been removed from the CBD with the ampulla on the edge of a duodenal diverticulum

a sphincterotomy has been performed. The duct is now instrumented with a guidewire

food residue in the duodenum

extracted stone seen in the background

extracted stone seen in the foreground

endobiliary metallic stent

the inflated balloon has been withdrawn through the sphincterotomy and is lying in the duodenal lumen

a pigment stone seen at the ampulla

stone seen right at the ampullary opening

swallowed metallic foreign body - probably tablet packaging

transampullary biliary stent - inserted at the time of laparoscopic cholecystectomy when unsuspected CBD stones are encountered to facilitate subsequent ERCP.