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Case 176: Very Fat leg

This man has had a larger leg on the left side for many years. He first noticed this at the age of 37. Lately there are nodules developing and also the right leg is enlarging. He says that other memebers of his family have had leg swelling.

1.What process is shown?

This man gives a history consistent with adult onset lymphoedema. The photo demonstrates developing lymphatic vesicles (or these could represent lymphangiomas or even lymphangiosarcomas) there is skin excoriation with some skin ulceration. This patient would most likley suffer repeated episodes of cellulitis.

2.What is this condition called?

Hereditary lymphedema, or Nonne-Milroy-Meige disease.

See reference below.

3.What type?

Type II - see below

whonamedit.com - Nonne-Milroy-Meige disease

Case Contributor
Michael Hong, Medical student, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia.