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Case 16: Intermittent abdominal pain and a lump

A 56 year old man has had several abdominal operations in the past. He presents complaining of a discomfort associated with a small lump which has developed in the midline wound near the umbilicus.

1. What is the likely diagnosis (shown at "C")?

Incisional Hernia near the umbilicus.

2. What operation do you think was performed through the right upper quadrant scar?
Marked "A"
(He says he cant remember, however it was when he was a baby.)

A Ramstead pyloromyotomy for pyloric stenosis. He was the first child in his family, and his father had pyloric stenosis.

3. With the patient lifting his head off the bed, what is marked by "B"?

Divarication of the rectii, there has been no incision here

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