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Case 126: Breast Operation

This lady has a family history of breast cancer.

1. What are the wires called?

'Hook-wires' The procedure is known as a hook-wire localisation.

2. Do you think the lesion would be palpable? And why?

No. Otherwise the hookwires would not have been required

3. What should be done with the specimen when it is excised?

It should be marked clearly to orientate the pathologist. Then sent directly to the radiology department for specimen xray to confirm that the suspicious area has been excised. The surgeon can close the patient when this has been confirmed. Then the specimen is sent for histopathology.

4. What if the histopathology shows that one of the excision margins is widely involved?

The patient requires a further excision. No matter if the problem is DCIS or invasive cancer, the only question is, is another breast conserving operation sufficient or cosmetically possible, or should the patient be offered the option of mastectomy.

Breast biopsy in cancer